17 Of The Most Truly Terrible UFC Tattoos

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UFC fighters seem to be keeping the tattoo industry in death metal t-shirts! With the nature of MMA any bad tattoos are exposed for the world to see and by golly have these guys got some awful tattoos. Check out some of the worst*

*if I were to bump into any of these guys in the street I would of course deny all knowledge of making this list.

Brock Lesnar

Let's get the most obvious out the way first. Any list of bad UFC tattoos can't not mention Brock Lesnar and his sword penis. No longer in the UFC Lesnar's sword penis is the WWE's problem now.

Colin Fletcher

I don't even know where to begin with Colin Fletcher. Relatively new to the UFC, Fletcher at least has the crazy arse personality to go along with his creepy spider/hands tattoo.

Alan Belcher

Ah Alan Belcher, the whipping boy of UFC tattoos. Fat Johnny Cash or Robbie Coltrane from Harry Potter? You decide.

Cain Velasquez

If I'm honest for the longest time I thought Cain Velasquez's "Brown Pride" tattoo said "Bronx Pride". I just assumed he grew up in Northern New York!

Cub Swanson

There's only one man who thought it'd be a good idea to have palm trees sprouting from his genitals, take a bow Cub Swanson.

Francisco Rivera

Bantamweight Francisco Rivera has a tribal band, emo stars, a hip hop crown and wings... on his chest. High five!

Paulo Filho

It takes a very brave man to get a Mike Tyson-esque facial tattoo. It takes a stupid man to get a dollar bill with a dogs face on his stomach. It takes a brave and stupid man to get both. Paulo Filho ladies and gentlemen.

Tramp Stamps & Tribal Tattoos

I can't  quite tell if Jay Heiron's awful tribal tattoo is also a tramp stamp? Answers on a postcard.

Hey Diego Sanchez, Pamela Anderson wants her tribal band back.

Josh Burkman, what were you thinking? It's bad enough when 16yr old girls get a tramp stamp!

Darren Elkins is a new addition to the UFC but that pathetic tribal tramp stamp has to go.

Names & Nicknames

Shane Nelson, you know  just in case his opponent forgets who he's fighting.

Kurt Pellegrino with emo stars, tribal bullshit and of course his own fucking name across his midriff.

Josh Neer with his own name as a tramp stamp - Glorious!

I can only assume Bantamweight fighter Bryan Caraway is saving up to have "Bryan" tattooed on his other side?

Donald Cerrone is a great fighter, someone who I'd actually pay money to watch in the cage but dude you've got your own name on your back!

Joe Riggs everybody. Can you guess what his nickname is?

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