UFC Fighter Alan Belcher Has Tattoo Removed

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UFC fighter Alan Belcher is as famous for his in the cage fighting ability as he is for his Johnny Cash tattoo however judging by this picture passed to us from a source inside First Round Management, the company which represents the fighter, the middleweight has tried to erase the tattoo forever.

It seems that Belcher, who fights out of the Roufusport MMA Academy, has had his infamous Johnny Cash tattoo surgically removed. Only some redness and scarring appears to be left from the laser treatment.

Belcher is set to face Michael Bisping at UFC 159 on April 29th and the ridicule from the outspoken Brit has clearly got to the "The Talent". Referring to his future opponent Bisping said: "If he wants an easy fight he should sue his tattooist for that abomination on his arm. I know Belcher has vision problems right now but we still have to look at that mess. He’s got a lot of nerve calling me an asshole when he walks round with that on him. Although lets be fair, the real asshole is the tattooist who drew that."

Belcher's manager Malki Kawa was unavailable for comment but Belcher and his team can only hope that Bisping and the rest of the MMA world will be left to focus on his performances inside the Octagon.
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